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Fictions of our time: Naming the nameless

  Open any piece of media and you’ll see it. On the screen, in the papers. The proper names of the nameless etched into our walls like tombs of the undead. These names aren’t the unknown soldiers or the uncared for dead. These names are the institutions of society, the fictional entities of which weContinue Reading

Participatory Publishing

[The following is a cross-posting from my personal blog, A Literacy of the Imagination.] As some of you already know, a few days ago Alvin Djunaedi and I launched a new BETA version of Paperlet, the “world’s first participatory publishing platform” that allows you to develop a story with your audience — the audience beingContinue Reading

An Innovation Approach

In this wildly morphing, digitally-driven landscape, many people still scratch their heads as to what innovation actually is or means. I’ve long maintained that it is a mindset for experimentation which produces various outcomes that can be product or service oriented, or simply advancements of ideas that are more cultural in nature. Post-industrial models haveContinue Reading

Finding God in the age of the internet

What a presumptive statement to make. God, contextualized, historicized, in a thing as poorly defined and understood as the internet is. Who could be so bold to make such a statement that God needs finding let alone that something as stupidly constructed as the internet could be the path to finding God? The reason liesContinue Reading

Be outraged every day, or not at all.

When I turned 13 I didn’t have a Bar Mitzvah. I believed that if I wasn’t religious every day, it didn’t make a lot of sense for me to be religious one day. Similarly, I’ve kept myself out of the national discussion about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. I don’t have much of a stanceContinue Reading

A protest in service of its enemy

“All of you revolutionaries want another master, and you will get one!” Jacques Lacan It’s pretty easy to look at the protests in Turkey, Brazil and even in Iran, Egypt and India and see the dawning of a new day. Peaceful and violent displays of rebellion paint a tense picture of people, displeased with theirContinue Reading

Native Payments: Lowering the barriers of monetizing content

The publishing and advertising industry have hugely elevated the discussion around “native advertising” or “branded content” in the last year. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s essentially moving promotion from banner ads or pre-roll video (increasingly ineffective) to integrating messaging within the regular content readers are used to seeing (vastly more effective, though “morallyContinue Reading

Removing frictions

Developers agree that one of the most important principles for innovation – and even more for digital product creation- is making things easier for people, create an experience that will remove frictions and therefore create value for users. If I look at my personal adoption of products and services, I could not agree more. HoweverContinue Reading

Fast identity and the need for repetition

Things move fast – faster then ever before. If you aren’t quick in grabbing something, understanding it and incorporating it you will quickly be either swept away by the tides of information or left ashore. The current of information that flows through our senses is intense, broad, varied and persistent. It forces us, as people,Continue Reading

Life as Transmission

A few weeks ago Wired Magazine launched a 48-hour, crowd-sourced magazine initiative where they invited anyone to submit work focused on its central theme. For this issue of “The Connective” the theme was Mass Transmission, imagining a world with the internet of everything. While I totally didn’t make the cut with my submission, whoa isContinue Reading