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Removing frictions

Developers agree that one of the most important principles for innovation – and even more for digital product creation- is making things easier for people, create an experience that will remove frictions and therefore create value for users. If I look at my personal adoption of products and services, I could not agree more. HoweverContinue Reading

Fast identity and the need for repetition

Things move fast – faster then ever before. If you aren’t quick in grabbing something, understanding it and incorporating it you will quickly be either swept away by the tides of information or left ashore. The current of information that flows through our senses is intense, broad, varied and persistent. It forces us, as people,Continue Reading

Life as Transmission

A few weeks ago Wired Magazine launched a 48-hour, crowd-sourced magazine initiative where they invited anyone to submit work focused on its central theme. For this issue of “The Connective” the theme was Mass Transmission, imagining a world with the internet of everything. While I totally didn’t make the cut with my submission, whoa is me, theContinue Reading

The systemic dismantling of what it means to believe

  Have you ever wondered why everything in the world is so damn ironic these days? Psy, Bieber, geo politics, consumerism. Everything today either comes with a self-referential set of ironic functions or starts off with the qualifying statements like “I am not an expert” or “I don’t really know first hand but.” It’s asContinue Reading


The most valuable part of having a large social network (for me at least) isn’t visibility, it’s about reducing middlemen. The internet has destroyed many middlemen, and created countless new ones. I barely use the former, and when I don’t have to I avoid the latter. Examples Classifieds –> Craigslist and eBay Travel Agents –>Continue Reading

What DOVE tells us about how we believe today

            Given that I work in media, marketing and advertising I am usually reluctant to critique my own domain, mostly for the reason that it exposes my own self loathing nature. This week however my social feeds have been littered with friends sharing the latest Dove campaign. This version ofContinue Reading

A less lonely elderly

  How will the internet dramatically change our lives as we march towards old age? It’s been just over a year since I lost my grandmother. She was virtually the only elderly person I’ve ever spent a significant amount of time with. One of the lasting memories I have from the final few months ofContinue Reading

Gross Digital Happiness

Happiness metrics have often been thought of as these things that are lofty or ridiculous or simply idealistic. Maybe they are to some extent. Anything not directly tied to money or some economic growth standard doesn’t seem to merit the weight and attention of the general public. Sadly, psychologists contend that most people don’t thinkContinue Reading

A confused economy or an economy of confusion

I was wandering through the bookstore the other evening, parsing through what seems and endless trail of thoughts, ideas, formulations, reformulations and confusing categorizations of knowledge. As culture studies blend with science which blends with business which inevitably ruins everything one that struck me as odd was the nature of the titles that appeared throughout.Continue Reading

Dealing with Duality

Narcissism is often considered to be the driver of a digital network’s success. Omitting certain details (whether unflattering or boring) and highlighting successes has become the unsurprising norm. And this duality of our existence continues to grow the more that the internet pervades our lives. This fissure also begins to develop earlier and earlier asContinue Reading