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The 2012 election signifies a new opportunity

As the fever dies down and the world returns to dealing with the massive issues ahead it is important to take a moment and understand what just happened. Criticize the electoral process, the college, the super PACs, the advertising, the spamming of our news feed, the Sesame Street memes along with the distraction from global atrocities happeningContinue Reading

How increased privacy may censor our collective voices

The heated debate around privacy, data and personal information is a very nuanced matter. The intimate relationship we have with our technology, especially in the way we continue to evolve the way that we express our values through it, brings an inherent sense of vulnerability whenever we think about the compromise of our privacy. IContinue Reading

Everything is a Remix Volume 4: A Play by Play

By now you may have seen Kirby Ferguson’s series “Everything is a Remix.” He’s back with a fourth edition and we highly recommend you put your headphones on and watch in its entirety. If you’re one of the many people who has already viewed part four, Sasha, Francesca and Len wanted to offer you aContinue Reading

SOPA – A symptom of something much bigger

  Technology is a mode of revealing. Technology comes to presence where revealing and unconcealment takes place, where altheia, truth, happens. Martin Heidegger as translated by William Lovitt Throughout his essays on technology Heidegger grapples with grand questions concerning technology. He tackles with its essence, what it is, how it works and what it does.Continue Reading

Online Piracy: Taking On a Problem with Many Faces #SOPA

You’ve probably heard about #SOPA by now (The Stop Online Piracy Act). Rosie Siman wrote a terrific post on #SOPA on the 23rd of December that outlines some of the critical elements of this initiative. This piece of legislation – while intended to help protect companies and Internet users alike – has some serious implications on ourContinue Reading