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Breaking through the Glass

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So a while ago I too- like other geeks people who like technology – have wanted to try Google Glass on for size.

It’s a funny business being in your- hem- late thirties these days. I’m old enough to call my iPhone ‘mobile phone’ (although ‘phoning’ is the one thing I do the least), yet I can see the evolutionary curve of technology and adoption at enough distance not to see it flat. If you see what I mean.

I can see how my phone device ‘personal technology’- will gradually remove current frictions of usability. After all a lady cannot walk down the street staring at a screen to find where her favorite chocolates store has relocated, and then crash against a lamp post. Not that this ever happened to me!

Yet I also see how the concept of apps, focused on an experience developed 100% within the technology, has it’s limitation. My phone device mobile data platform should interact with the physical world, and I don’t mean just to pay for coffee and for my bus ticket.

I want to be able to see things differently. Compare prices at a glance. Read the story of a monument just by looking at it. Instantly know if that plate of pasta is going to add too many calories to my day. Play an augmented version of ‘I spy’ with my niece(though maybe I should be careful not to give strange ideas to NSA..)

But glasses, bracelets, watches will not contain all that knowledge. They will just receive it, read it and transfer it to me. If and when I decide so. In a relevant way.

The experience will still be beyond the Glass, in the real world. And I hope that we’ll still be able to remove the lens and live it without Instagram filters.


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  • Nilofar Ansher

    Hey, this was fun to read and come to think of it, how do the Glassers” not crash into things, anyways?! You could probably add a caveat: this post is valid only until we don’t invent augmented reality-encrusted contact lenses :D

    • Francesca

      :D In fairness on Glass you see ‘stuff’ on the corner, so in theory you could still avoid lamp posts. In theory ;)