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Growth, Religion or Sleep

If you believe in Sam Harris’ take on Free Will, which is very compelling, the implications are quite profound

We are immediately forced to start to think about consciousness and choice in the retrospective sense

Rationalization and irrationalization of sensory input and physiological response becomes

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THE only mode of action that does not thrust one into a deterministic state of being

If choice becomes your reactions to what you are stimulated by and what you know, your memories, then everything is framed in this sense

Higher cognition becomes critical to understanding these networks of responses, interpolating them into our actions

Subsequently Drive and Motivations becomes the rationalization of these stimuli, networking them into this thing we call purpose – this is driven by the hierarchy of the brain

Purpose now becomes THE way we solve for the dissonance of complex sensory experience

So what of purpose? Especially in an open, complex system?

We seek satisfaction of dissonance at high and low levels – satisfying the need for understanding

This is why we look for answers to massacres, atrocities, emotional responses, etc.

The three ways in which we aim for this are growth (capitalistically) by constantly recreating dissonance and needs for satisfaction at all levels, religion in the way we export dissonance and attribute it to gods of many forms and sleep where our memories are organized and calmed (meditation is a proxy for this)



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Apps are quenching our thirst for Mom & Pop Shops

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Over indulgence to the exception to the rule

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Actually Reading

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The unguarded cemetery of data

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Is versus Ought in Artificial Intelligence

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Breaking through the Glass

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Participatory Publishing

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